Learn Spanish or Italian in a quiet environment.

Cardiff Spanish Italian Teacher Tutor LearnGenerally, our “One to one tuition” service is aimed to people who wish to learn languages from the basics, refresh or widen their knowledge, or practice their conversational skills.General Spanish and General Italian covers all aspects of everyday language – the aim of these lessons is that you get to speak Spanish/Italian naturally, just like we do!

If you have a special interest and would like to learn specific topics, our teachers can tailor your lessons accordingly.


1 Student: For 1 hour/week (£15). For 2hours/week (£25). For 3 hours/week (£35)
2 Students: For 1 hour/week (£20). For 2 hours/week (£30). For 3 hours/week (£40)
3 Students: For 1 hour/week (£30). For 2 hours/week (£35). For 3 hours/week (£45)

Spanish and Italian for Children

Whether your child is learning Spanish or Italian at school and you would like to reinforce their learning, or you would like your child to benefit from having a dedicated tutor to teach them the language from the very basics, our tutors can travel anywhere in Cardiff at a convenient time for you and your child.

In these lessons, children learn basic vocabulary (such as colours, animals, food, the family etc) and engage in basic conversations through play. Grammar is introduced implicitly through various activities, with the aim of children acquiring basic grammatical structures and prepare them for a future, more serious learning.

Spanish and Italian for Exams and Certificates

Our experience tells us that preparing for examinations can be a daunting process, since students often have very little chance of practising and testing their knowledge in the classroom.

Our specialised tuition helps students revise the areas where they feel they need extra support, preparing them to confidently succeed at both written and oral exams.

We provide students with relevant, updated material (past papers, written exercises, audio and video clips, etc) to be used during tuition and as homework in order to consolidate their learning and boost their confidence in both written and oral skills.

Spanish and Italian for Business

Our Spanish and Italian for Business tuitions consists of lessons individually designed to target your language needs and prepare you to use Spanish/Italian comfortably in a business environment. We offer one-to-one and group tuition to individuals and companies, providing students with the necessary knowledge to:

speak confidently in everyday business situations have telephone conversations and write emails and letters using appropriate business language positively perform in meetings and interviews have a wide understanding of the working culture of the countries.

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Cardiff Spanish Italian Teacher Tutor LearnThis 24 hour courses consists in 2 hour/week  lessons with no more than 5 students per class, from October to December. There are 4 different levels (elementary, beginner, intermediate and advanced).

We offer comprehensive Spanish and Italian courses for all levels, from complete beginners to proficiency, aimed at developing students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish or Italian. We are university qualified teachers who use the most up-to-date teaching methods.

Registration before 13th September 2013

The levels of the general language courses correspond to:

 Elementary: For this level, no previous knowledge is required. The foreign language will be spoken from the first day of class and over the course of the two modules, students will learn how to express needs, to understand and use popular every day expressions as well as simple sentences.

ITALIAN:  Mondays from 17 to 19. Start Date: 30/09/2013. Price: £130*

SPANISH: Mondays from 19 to 21. Start Date: 30/09/2013. Price £130*

 Beginner: Students learn how to describe in simple terms, aspects of the past and their surroundings, as well as matters related to immediate needs. They are able to hold short conversations and using simple sentences talk about daily life, write postcards, simple letters and short stories.

ITALIAN:  Tuesdays from 19 to 21. Start Date: 01/10/2013. Price: £130*

SPANISH:  Tuesdays from 17 to 19. Start Date: 01/10/2013. Price £130*

 Intermediate: Students learn how to talk about familiar matters and how to use communication strategies in order to hold conversations related to the past and the future. They are also able to read simple general and literary texts as well as write letters and compositions about general aspects of daily life.

ITALIAN:  Wednesdays from 17 to 19. Start Date: 02/10/2013. Price: £130*

SPANISH:  Wednesdays from 19 to 21. Start Date: 02/10/2013. Price £130*

– Advanced: Students will be able to give detailed information about general subjects, express themselves fluently and write long texts. They are able to use communication strategies in order to hold conversations in different contexts and situations.

ITALIAN:  Thursdays from 19 to 21. Start Date: 03/10/2013. Price: £130*

SPANISH:  Thursdays from 17 to 19. Start Date: 03/10/2013. Price £130*

– Proficiency: Students will be able to produce clear and detailed texts on relatively complex topics, as well as inferring implicit meaning in them. In the same way, they will be able to take part in any conversation or discussion and to recognise idioms, sayings and colloquial expressions.

ITALIAN:  Fridays from 17 to 19. Start Date: 03/10/2013. Price: £130*

SPANISH:  Fridays from 19 to 21. Start Date: 03/10/2013. Price £130*

*   A dossier with theory and exercises will be provided

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